reem al bawadi

Eating Out Review: Reem Al Bawadi Restaurant

Authentic middle eastern food that will warm your belly. Beautiful interiors that will welcome you and make you feel at home. Traditional Arabic ambiance that will soak all your senses. I am talking about Reem Al Bawadi, one of the oldest middle eastern restaurants in UAE. I have been to Reem Al Bawadi in the past […]

The Coffee Club Dubai

The Coffee Club – A Breakfast Review

My husband likes to head out to a nice restaurant to have breakfasts at over the weekends. Those of you who follow me on social media must already know that it has been an unofficial tradition of our little family. So we try to find places that are nice, affordable and family friendly to make […]


Toddler Milk Wars – When your child does not like milk

A 13month old toddler I know does not want to drink milk. At all. Have you faced this dilemma with your child? I must say that I have been blessed with a child who has loved milk from day 1 and could alternate between breast milk and formula like there’s no difference at all. I […]


The Time We Were Farzified! – Farzi Cafe Iftar Review

A few days back we were invited by Farzi Cafe in City Walk 2, Dubai, to review their special Iftar offerings. I have been to Farzi Cafe once before, for a friend’s birthday dinner, and absolutely loved their concept and ambiance. The food is as traditionally Indian as can be but with surprisingly quirky twists, and […]


Singaporean Rice – A Delish Pakistani Version

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. Time flies by!! And it does. You have probably said it a thousand times yourself! We have already entered the 2nd ashraa of Ramadan and in no time we will be preparing for Eid. Despite my best efforts at ignoring it, Ramadan is all about food (it’s not! it’s […]


Best Cafes In Dubai To Work From Or Study At! 

I have been a “student” my whole life. Since I was 2.5, until now. Which also means that I have been studying all my life. Be it summer, winter, hail or storm. I always have exams that I have to study for 🙁 . It was so much simpler when I was in school and college. […]


My Top 5 Winter Eateries In UAE!

It’s winter in the desert and foodies are on the loose everywhere ?? . Winter in itself is an excuse to eat good food (summer has other excuses to eat ofcourse) and most of all good “comfort” food. We all have our own comfort foods now don’t we? For most Pakistanis it’s the homemade sarson […]


Lunchbox ideas for kids – 38 ideas for breakfasts, snacks and lunches!

Part of my excitement about my LO going to nursery stemmed from the fact that I get to pack lunches. I know that sounds weird but yeah thanks to Instagram and Pinterest I was very much excited! I remember that even before my daughter was born, I had stumbled across the Instagram account of Yumbox, […]


The Science of Babyfood – 63 different foods to make at home for babies

I think commercial baby food is trash. There, i said it! because that is really what i think it is! No matter how “organic” or “preservatives free” it is labeled as, it has to has something to last on those shelves?! (babyfood for thought?!!) Anyways the contents are another debate all together. I always advise […]


Cherry and Chocolate Clafoutis

I got cherries some time back and don’t get me wrong, i love them as is, but they were a lot for me and pictures of cherry clafoutis were making me crazy during Ramadan, so i set to bake this sweet french firm custard with cherry. I also wanted to get rid of some of […]