Why We Can’t Parent Like Our Mothers

Motherhood is difficult AF. And it’s getting worse by the minute. Why? because we have a new set of problems to deal with every other day, with where the world is going. What’s even worse is that we cannot turn to our mother’s for advice, because their struggles were completely different. And even so, we […]


Good Night Books – An ebook app review

On our trip to Washington DC during summer, I got Manaal a goodnight book from a souvenir shop. There are 2 things I try to always buy wherever we travel, a fridge magnet for me and a book (if there’s one for that particular country or city) for Manaal. Last time we got a book […]


Back to School Shopping at Pottery Barn Kids

It’s that time of the year again when parents of school/nursery going kids are scrambling to complete their back to school checklists without losing their minds! Luckily for me, my daughter’s school takes care of this headache themselves and provides their own supplies (bags too!). But does that mean that I am not lured into […]


How I survived a 16.5 hour flight with a 3 year old and no iPad – Packing an activity bag

I think all of us “imperfect” parents agree that an Ipad is an essential hand carry item when traveling with kids. Loaded with their favorite shows and games, even books sometimes, they are the key to an almost peaceful long haul flight or even a short one for that matter. You may be flying first […]


How Being An Emergency Medicine Resident Trains You For Motherhood

For lay people : Residency means postgraduate training of a doctor after mbbs. So the time they serve in a hospital while specialising in a specific field, and studying at the same time. At the end of that training period, doctors have to pass a board exam to be certified specialists in that field. It […]


My Ultimate Guide To Potty Training – Part 2

If you have read my previous post on potty training, you pretty much know about my experience of it and that i began just before we were travelling! Yes even my husband was horrified that i chose that time, but it turned out very well for us Alhumdulillah. Let me just dive straight into that […]


My Ultimate Guide To Potty Training – Part 1

I finally went through the most dreaded part of parenting a few months ago. Potty training. Well not completely through it. It’s a long process for sure but we are almost there and quite happy with the progress Alhumdulillah! I am by no means an expert at this thing. I merely just went through it […]


Top Free Potty Training Apps That I Used For My Daughter

As by now everybody knows that i am quite an “app” kind of a person. I need an application for everything ( I request my husband to make one’s that i don’t find ? ). So naturally (naturally eh?) i looked for apps when it was time to potty train my toddler. Without much further ado, […]


PreSchool Shopping and Packing List – with Free Printables

It’s that time of the year again when all stores are stocked up on princess bags and spiderman lunch boxes. Frozen, minions, planes, cinderella (and others I don’t remember the names of) are “in” and you see every single thing plastered with their pictures on it! Basically back to school/pre school shopping is easy right? […]


The Science of Babyfood – 63 different foods to make at home for babies

I think commercial baby food is trash. There, i said it! because that is really what i think it is! No matter how “organic” or “preservatives free” it is labeled as, it has to has something to last on those shelves?! (babyfood for thought?!!) Anyways the contents are another debate all together. I always advise […]