Palmer’s Olive Oil Haircare Range

Being so used to the shea and cocoa butter in Palmer’s products, I honestly had my reservations when I saw the Palmer’s olive oil haircare range on their website. So when a few weeks ago the Palmer’s Olive Oil Range was launched in the UAE, I could not wait to get my hands on it […]

Palmer's hair care

Palmer’s Hair Care Solution for Dry, Damaged or Color Treated Hair

Today I am going to tell you about 3 amazing haircare products by Palmer’s. I got them some time ago but I was delaying my review so that I could really see their effect in the long run. I have been using these products for 2 months now and I can see real good changes […]


Lucky Lips – Reviewing Palmers Lip Balms

I have to admit it. Palmers has converted me into glam girl. I have learnt about and experienced products I wouldn’t have come across if it were up to me. Thanks to this inspiration, i am going to setup my own beauty station at home soon, so watch this space!! Coming back to my April […]


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion – The Perfect Affair!!

My February treat from Palmer’s Middle East is here and this one was quite a treat as my DH got one too!! We received the kit just in time for Valentine’s Day and hubby got me an apple watch for a present so it was quite amusing. My husband was pleasantly┬ásurprised because as we all […]


My Experience with Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

Let me first tell you about my battle with eczema. It started when I was in medical college. Apparently any exposure to petroleum (even it’s fumes) would cause my face to develop a red (ugly), itchy rash, that would look like a sunburn. It would eventually end with peeling of my skin and new one […]


A Lush-ious Experience – review of my first ever products from Lush Cosmetics

Last month i visited Lush for the first time ever. I was searching for natural and chemical free products for my little one and I thought why not give it a try. Once i entered, I asked about products for kids, but the sales lady told me they didn’t have any except the bath bombs. […]


My Morning Masquerade – a quick makeup routine for mommies

I am totally not a routine person. I cannot do the same thing again and again everyday ( so i don’t excercise ?). Monotonosity is a health hazard for me literally. So today when i realised that i had been following the same morning makeup routine since the last 6 months, i was both horrified!! […]


What’s in my beauty bag?!!

The final post for the ‘what’s in my’ series (atleast for now) !! I am no beauty queen, but im a working mama on the run and i need to keep a presentable face at most times, so that my patients don’t deteriorate (or worse arrest) because of my sleepless mama appearance. To make things […]


What’s in my beach bag?!

No, I don’t have a beach body, nor am i an avid swimmer, but what i do have is a beach/swimming bag, thanks to my kiddo! I am an amateur swimmer ( if there is something less than that i am that) but i have always wanted my baby to be a pro at it. […]

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