Guide to an Organised and Healthy Ramadan Kitchen

Being Type A personality, does make things a little difficult at times. In the long run however i have seen that it actually helps me alot! The organisation freak that I am, i always seek ways to organise everything and anything! Same goes for Ramadan. And my kitchen during Ramadan. And my freezer during Ramadan…um, […]


15+ Ideas For Decorating Your Home For Ramadan

I love starting traditions with my tiny family of three. Since i got married (and got my own home), i went off the hook, just a little bit, and started looking for ideas to make my family different and unique in our traditions. We have a simple tradition that we have been following since my […]


What’s in my fridge?! – my trial of healthy eating

I did say earlier that “what’s in my beauty bag” would be the last post in “what’s in my” series, but you how we girls love having a peek into other girls’ stuff?! Not in the bad way of course! Curiosity is human nature after all! So i just happened to open my fridge the […]


The In Home Spa!

Not all of us have the┬áprivilege to visit spas every other day, but sometimes you just want to escape to a place that gives you peace and quiet. And sometimes you just want to have a relaxing bath soak, and having it in a cold tiled bathroom is just not ideal! As i am very […]


Meet My New Kitchen Assistant!

Having recently bought an android mobile, my old ipad has been lying in the study uncharged for a long time now. As i even mentioned earlier i use evernote for storing all my recipes. But using it on the android has been a bit annoying. One because of the relatively small screen. And two, because […]


The Pantry Makeover!

Sooooo i am back so soon! i know i have surprised myself! But before i get my bout of laziness back, i will go about on how i transformed my pantry so that it is a room full of solace for me! <3 Well this is the ‘before’ picture of my pantry. Not so much […]

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