Washmen – the new on demand laundry service in Dubai

Even if we own a washing machine, we have to venture out to use a Laundry cleaning service for those “special” clothes. Be it work suits, wedding gowns, doctors coats, or even just everyday laundry for busy women. But if you have been to a laundry service you know the hassle involved. Sort clothes, count […]

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The Subscription Box Craze – The Ultimate List of Subscription Boxes in UAE

I used to be a big nerd during med school. Big one! I did not mind wearing ugly cargo pants with my white coat and scarf. Neither did i mind wearing anything and everything my mom bought for me. In fact, i only had clothes that my mom chose for me. As long as it […]


15+ Ideas For Decorating Your Home For Ramadan

I love starting traditions with my tiny family of three. Since i got married (and got my own home), i went off the hook, just a little bit, and started looking for ideas to make my family different and unique in our traditions. We have a simple tradition that we have been following since my […]


My Silvercross Reflex – a review of possibly the most advanced stroller in the world!!

I am the kind of person who likes to research everything and anything before i buy it. I either have to know everything possible about it, or i have to fall in love with it the moment i enter the shop. For silvercross reflex it was kind of both!     ` I was looking for […]


What’s in my car..?!

It’s been a busy week, with a party, an exam and new project I’m working on. So i thought of keeping this week’s post simple. As i was cleaning my car the other day, I thought, why not write a post about what’s in my car? Apart from it’s transporting capabilities, my car is used […]


What’s in my beach bag?!

No, I don’t have a beach body, nor am i an avid swimmer, but what i do have is a beach/swimming bag, thanks to my kiddo! I am an amateur swimmer ( if there is something less than that i am that) but i have always wanted my baby to be a pro at it. […]

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Travelling….and in style!

While packing for a short trip to Bahrain, i tried searching for a good must-take items list. As i was short on time,i really needed help to pack. I did not find anything useful. So i thought why shouldn’t i  post a list. So once packed and in the plane, i sat down and made a list […]