Washmen – the new on demand laundry service in Dubai

Even if we own a washing machine, we have to venture out to use a Laundry cleaning service for those “special” clothes. Be it work suits, wedding gowns, doctors coats, or even just everyday laundry for busy women. But if you have been to a laundry service you know the hassle involved. Sort clothes, count […]

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Good Night Books – An ebook app review

On our trip to Washington DC during summer, I got Manaal a goodnight book from a souvenir shop. There are 2 things I try to always buy wherever we travel, a fridge magnet for me and a book (if there’s one for that particular country or city) for Manaal. Last time we got a book […]


1000 books before kindergarten – App Review

If you follow me on social media, you know that this week me and my daughter completed reading 120 books, since last March. This is ofcourse not the exact number of books she has read/heard so far. I have been reading to her since she was 3 days old (The Magic Faraway Tree book 1 […]


Top Free Potty Training Apps That I Used For My Daughter

As by now everybody knows that i am quite an “app” kind of a person. I need an application for everything ( I request my husband to make one’s that i don’t find ? ). So naturally (naturally eh?) i looked for apps when it was time to potty train my toddler. Without much further ado, […]


Making The Most Of The Holy Month Of Ramadan – My Top Resources For 2016

Time literally flies, or may I say whooshes by!! The year just began, and then we were waiting for Ramadan to begin, and now it’s the 3rd day already! *minor panic attack for the fact that it will get over as soon* But it’s never too late to keep your Iman and Ibadah in check. […]


10 apps to boost your productivity, save your time and make life more organised!

Smartphones have changed the way we go about our daily lives. Like anything else they have their advantages and disadvantages. They have made communication easier, but relationships harder! It is up to you, how you choose to use yours. I have always seeked ways to use my gadgets to help me multi-task. Some ways have […]


An Organised Approach to Ramadan – tips and resources to get the most out of this month!

One day left for Ramadan to begin, everyone is busy preparing for it, and so am I. Everyone’s approach is a little different and so are the preparations. Some maybe busy preparing spring rolls and samosas for freezing, while others may be busy with cleaning the home inside out. While there is no right or […]


Meet My New Kitchen Assistant!

Having recently bought an android mobile, my old ipad has been lying in the study uncharged for a long time now. As i even mentioned earlier i use evernote for storing all my recipes. But using it on the android has been a bit annoying. One because of the relatively small screen. And two, because […]