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15 Ways you can “give” this Ramadan – A list of charities and campaigns in UAE

2017 has been officially declared the year of giving in the UAE and Ramadan is by essence is the “month” of giving. It’s like the charitable and compassionate spirit of Ramadan has engulfed everyone in the UAE and it is heart warming to see. Although more than half of Ramadan has passed, I wanted to […]


Best Cafes In Dubai To Work From Or Study At! 

I have been a “student” my whole life. Since I was 2.5, until now. Which also means that I have been studying all my life. Be it summer, winter, hail or storm. I always have exams that I have to study for 🙁 . It was so much simpler when I was in school and college. […]


How Being An Emergency Medicine Resident Trains You For Motherhood

For lay people : Residency means postgraduate training of a doctor after mbbs. So the time they serve in a hospital while specialising in a specific field, and studying at the same time. At the end of that training period, doctors have to pass a board exam to be certified specialists in that field. It […]


Making The Most Of The Holy Month Of Ramadan – My Top Resources For 2016

Time literally flies, or may I say whooshes by!! The year just began, and then we were waiting for Ramadan to begin, and now it’s the 3rd day already! *minor panic attack for the fact that it will get over as soon* But it’s never too late to keep your Iman and Ibadah in check. […]


What Are You Waiting For?!!

It’s the end of the year and everybody is in a festive mood. Spirits are lifted and everybody is looking forward to the “new” year with hopes that it will be much better. As promising as something new looks, can we really rely on it? Why do we always wait for a “new” day, a […]


8 Ways To Get a Better Perspective On Life

Life has been tough the past few months. But whose hasn’t?! We have all been there. Work stress, family troubles, significant losses, losing track of life in general. And the beauty of it all is that, despite all this…. life goes on!! There are times when we think that everything is a waste of time […]


An Ode To The Nest

It was the home that saw her as a single-soon-to-be-married girl, trying to choose her new future home. Then looking over everything from the installation of the chandeliers, to the curtains, to the furniture…even the pesticide treatment. As a bride, cleaning the mess her bachelor husband had made just the day before they got married, hands […]


My Ramadan Journal

I know it is very late and it has already been like 3 weeks since Eid, but this Ramadan was a little extra special for me, and i wanted to share with everyone my Ramadan Diary. I could not write this post earlier as i was busy preparing for a board exam. But now that […]


9 things that doctor moms do!

Being a doctor has taught me some things about life, I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t one. While some of these things are more than welcome, other obsessive compulsive ones are not, and may sometimes make me regret my choice of profession. Nevertheless i love my profession and specially the respect it comes with. […]


10 Instagram accounts to follow – a roundup of my favorites

Since day one i have been a huge fan of Instagram, currently holding 3 accounts on it, i really can never have enough of it! I was always a ‘photos’ kind of person. I love taking photos of everything and anything! To me they are all memories ? and everytime they pop up on my […]